Via Superiore

When we go on vacation and I make the reservations, we end up on B&Bs. They are sometimes fancy, sometimes not, but usually interesting, often funny and exciting places. When the husband makes the reservations, we stay in household name hotels, where you know exactly what the dining room will look like. That can beFortsätt läsa ”Via Superiore”

Looking into the Crystal Ball

All natural honey will crystalize sooner or later. Crystallized honey is spreadable and will melt in hot tea or coffee. If you prefer liquid honey you may heat it up in a double boiler. In order to make the crystalized honey liquid by the help of a microwave oven, you remove the lid from theFortsätt läsa ”Looking into the Crystal Ball”

Burgers the Swedish way

Sweden is a small country that aims to be a big country. Most real Swedes have at least one pair of Levis’, some wear them all year round. Instead of the American institution Taco Tuesday, Swedes have Taco Friday, and throw in chopped cucumber and radishes in the mix. There are coke and popcorn inFortsätt läsa ”Burgers the Swedish way”

Baby-sitting the Fil

(Acidophilus vs Buttermilk) Finally I could find crème fraiche in my local California food store! Maybe Smetana on a good day, but the true acidophilus is a tougher nut to crack. Buttermilk is, to a Swede, a weak substitute for the stuff Vikings are made of. Or at least what their common breakfasts are madeFortsätt läsa ”Baby-sitting the Fil”

UC Davis Picnic Day

In April it is already shorts and Birkenstocks in Davis, California. That is when University of California at Davis arranges its annual Picnic Day; a kind of Open House event for prospective and current students, alumni and the public. Davis is a big university town and more than 50 000 visitors usually show up forFortsätt läsa ”UC Davis Picnic Day”

A true cup of coffee

Before I had a steam convection oven with 76 pre-programmed settings, a digital kitchen scale, and an auto-timer on the kitchen fan there were recipes where the measurements were coffee cups, pinch, dollop, and a splash. That was a time when real coffee cups were used; the ones with a thin edge and a slenderFortsätt läsa ”A true cup of coffee”

Is the Basil fresh?

Food recipes often call for spices, indicating whether they should be fresh, dried, or ground. Sometimes the choice is obvious and does not have to be spelled out. The basil should in most instances be fresh. At least not old and moldy. Some flavorings we mostly use fresh, although sometimes as dried and ground, soFortsätt läsa ”Is the Basil fresh?”

Matching fall leaves

This old enameled cast iron pot from Descoware, Belgium, with the Maple Leaf design was well loved in San José, California, in the 50´s and for many years on. This week it met a new fall leaf shaped bowl from Målerås Glassworks ( They now hang out together whenever they can! Both items are symbolsFortsätt läsa ”Matching fall leaves”