Cake Seasons

As a Swedish mom in the US, I wanted to expose my children to the“old country’’s” customs. One of those is to celebrate your birthday with a special cake. In the kingdom of Sweden we might not all be loyal royalists, but we do love our Princess Cake. It’s a round, layered pound cake withFortsätt läsa “Cake Seasons”

Coffee break, and break, and…

Richard did not believe me, when I described the coffee habits of Swedes. Oh, ye of little faith, always trust the natives! When I was Bureau Chief for a Venture Capital magazine out of Silicon Valley, one of our Board members was headed to Sweden to attend a conference on immaterial patent law. He hadFortsätt läsa “Coffee break, and break, and…”

A beer in Alger

It’s the summer of 1973. After a long, hot day in a black Peugeot 403 from 1957, a cold beer felt earned. The main road from Ceuta to Alger meandered along stretches edging the Sahara, and sometimes disappeared under the wind-drifted sand. The scalding air in the car was not air-conditioned and we had alreadyFortsätt läsa “A beer in Alger”