Coffee break, and break, and…

Richard did not believe me, when I described the coffee habits of Swedes. Oh, ye of little faith, always trust the natives! When I was Bureau Chief for a Venture Capital magazine out of Silicon Valley, one of our Board members was headed to Sweden to attend a conference on immaterial patent law. He hadFortsätt läsa ”Coffee break, and break, and…”

A beer in Alger

It’s the summer of 1973. After a long, hot day in a black Peugeot 403 from 1957, a cold beer felt earned. The main road from Ceuta to Alger meandered along stretches edging the Sahara, and sometimes disappeared under the wind-drifted sand. The scalding air in the car was not air-conditioned and we had alreadyFortsätt läsa ”A beer in Alger”

Giving notice

San Francisco, March 5 Dear Linda, This letter is to notify you that I have moved out of the apartment at 1426 9th Avenue, and therefore would like to have my name removed from the lease agreement as soon as possible. I was confident there would be no problem for you to re-write the leaseFortsätt läsa ”Giving notice”

The Day Dawned Bleak

The day dawned bleak and chill, a moving wall of grey light out of the north-east which, instead of dissolving into moisture, seemed to disintegrate into minute and venomous particles, like dust that, when Dilsey opened the door of the cabin and emerged, needled laterally into her flesh, precipitating not so much a moisture asFortsätt läsa ”The Day Dawned Bleak”