Twentyone Rules to Live by

…that you may live long in the land… – Get a new toothbrush every three months – Water the indoor plants every Thursday – Clean house every Friday, or Party on Fridays and clean on Thursdays – Wind up the wall clocks every Sunday – Arrange the kitchen spices in alphabetical order – Polish theFortsätt läsa ”Twentyone Rules to Live by”

Nutrition Facts

Oh, for sure, sometimes you hear stuff like ”Well, sugar is sugar. Doesn’t matter if it’s from sugar beets or honey”. But no-siree, you’re wrong, you honey deniers! If you want to look at the health aspect – and you do, right? – honey is better hands down. Per 100 grams                                                 Sugar                          Honey Energy,Fortsätt läsa ”Nutrition Facts”

According to Instructions

In the recipes I find in books and magazines, it often states to cook the spaghetti (or whatever shape the pasta has) “according to the instructions on the package”. Oh, really? So what would happen if that part of the recipe fell off? Would all good Americans cook their pasta without looking at the cookingFortsätt läsa ”According to Instructions”

At the very bottom

This was long ago, before everybody simply asked Uncle Google about everything. As usual, I was listening to the radio while cooking; I think it must have been NPR (National Public Radio, in the US). The program featured an interview with two female authors of a cookbook. They had recently published an updated version ofFortsätt läsa ”At the very bottom”