Cod on it’s best behavior

Serves 4

a stack of fresh fishes
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2.5 ounces spinach

4 cod loins, each at about 4 – 5 ounces

1 teaspoon salt

1 bunch of dill

1 cup whipping cream

1 -2 garlic cloves

Lemon juice of half or one lemon

spinach in a colander
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Place the spinach in a baking dish. Put the fish on top and sprinkle the salt (i.e. do not put all the salt in one heap, if that’s what you had in mind). Chop the dill and spread over the fish.

In a small bowl (or actually any size bowl you like) whisk together the cream with the pressed garlic and the lemon juice. Pour the mixture over the fish.

Bake in 400 F for 20 minutes.

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This is my “I really don’t like fish” husband’s favorite hands down recipe. To the point he asks for it now and then – although he really do not like fish hahaha. Good for me as this is child’s play cooking. I serve it with something to sop up the wonderful sauce; rice, bread, potato, or a spoon.

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