Giving notice

San Francisco, March 5 Dear Linda, This letter is to notify you that I have moved out of the apartment at 1426 9th Avenue, and therefore would like to have my name removed from the lease agreement as soon as possible. I was confident there would be no problem for you to re-write the leaseFortsätt läsa ”Giving notice”

Dandelion Salad

Radíkia Saláta Tender dandelion leaves Salt EVOO Lemon Pick (or buy) dandelion leaves and rinse them very well. Boil in salted water for 15 minutes. Change to fresh, salted water and allow the leaves to boil until they feel soft. Serve them warm or cold with a little oil, lemon and salt, according to taste.Fortsätt läsa ”Dandelion Salad”

Ramsons Soup

4 servings ramsons: [noun]. ransom: [noun]  3 cups water 1½ vegetable bouillon cube 1 cup crème fraiche 3 tablespoons butter 2 ounces ramsons leaves 2 tablespoons thickening, like corn starch or flour S&P 4 hard boiled eggs, in halves In a pot, dissolve the bouillon cube in the water, on low heat. Add butter andFortsätt läsa ”Ramsons Soup”

The Day Dawned Bleak

The day dawned bleak and chill, a moving wall of grey light out of the north-east which, instead of dissolving into moisture, seemed to disintegrate into minute and venomous particles, like dust that, when Dilsey opened the door of the cabin and emerged, needled laterally into her flesh, precipitating not so much a moisture asFortsätt läsa ”The Day Dawned Bleak”

Strawberry Cake

12 pieces ½ tablespoon butter 1/3 cup coconut flakes 4 eggs 1 cup sugar ½ cup almond flour ½ cup coconut flour 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1 teaspoon baking powder FILLING and TOPPING: ¼ cup hazelnuts 1 tablespoons honey 1 can lemoncurd (about 320 g) (unless you make your own) 2 scant cups whipping cream 2Fortsätt läsa ”Strawberry Cake”

Twentyone Rules to Live by

…that you may live long in the land… – Get a new toothbrush every three months – Water the indoor plants every Thursday – Clean house every Friday, or Party on Fridays and clean on Thursdays – Wind up the wall clocks every Sunday – Arrange the kitchen spices in alphabetical order – Polish theFortsätt läsa ”Twentyone Rules to Live by”