What I want to achieve

This will be a great year!

I have short goals. I have long term goals. I have outrageous goals and small, manageable goals that are easy and fun to check off.

There’s a Marathon in June keeping me motivated, although it’s not certain I can do it. I’m researching how to find a literary agent for my translated book, and the goal is to have a relationship with one by the end of the year. Regular morning pages for my mental health & developing my collection of short stories and having edited enough times that it will be ready for publishing by the end of the year. Oh, yeah, getting some stairs on the little hill outside.

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Sharing my best loved honey based recipies, along with short stories collected during life in Northern California and Stockholm, Sweden. Well, stories from other joints as well, and not only my experiences. Some will appear in English and some in Swedish. Deal with it.

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