view on a plane

airplane silhouette on air during sunset
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And those people on the plane! The odd couple next to me. He looked like an ex army fellow, tattooed and with that short haircut, now greying. She, a very young slim figure with shiny, wavy, jet black hair and showing hip skin every time she budged. She wore a tiny single stone on a thin ring on her left ring finger.

He did not keep his hand still for more than half a minute, the entire trip! Kept picking, touching her thigh, patting her thigh. Up and down that thigh.

‘Just ignore me, sir, pretend I’m not in the seat next over, and just keep on going up that thigh!’

Thank God, they ordered some drinks and a snack. Kept his hands busy for about 4.5 minutes. Then back to patting the young woman’s thigh.

Maybe she liked it, as acknowledgement that she would continue to be supported as long as ‘daddy dearest’ showed his appreciation for her?

Maybe one day she will rise from her chair and scream.

He seemed at the beginning of the flight to be drunk, and later, not so especially good-humored.

crunchy pretzel with grains of salt in hand
Saved by the snacks

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