Twentyone Rules to Live by

…that you may live long in the land…

– Get a new toothbrush every three months

– Water the indoor plants every Thursday

– Clean house every Friday, or Party on Fridays and clean on Thursdays

– Wind up the wall clocks every Sunday

– Arrange the kitchen spices in alphabetical order

– Polish the shoes before winter or summer storage

– Write an inventory list for the freezer

– Take care of the vacuum cleaner robot

– Change towels every Saturday

– Change bed sheets every two weeks

– Thaw (packaged) frozen meat submerged in water

– Leave the violin bows out so bug won’t eat them

– Change violin strings every six months

– Air out the closet every spring and fall

– Always keep a good book on the nightstand

– Make somebody happy every day

– Stuff newspaper in wet shoes

– Celebrate all anniversaries and red-letter days

– Trust your gut feeling

– Focus on your positive goals

– Decide for yourself how you feel

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Sharing my best loved honey based recipies, along with short stories collected during life in Northern California and Stockholm, Sweden. Well, stories from other joints as well, and not only my experiences. Some will appear in English and some in Swedish. Deal with it.

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