The No Problem Hotel

Would you like us to clean your room tomorrow? No problem!

Dear guest,

We have established a new routine in regards of cleaning our hotel rooms. If you stay with us for more than one night, your room will be automatically cleaned every 4th day. However, if you would like us to clean your room more often, please let us know before 11PM the evening before, and we will happily provide it for you free of charge. This initiative is part of our work in creating a more sustainable hotel for the future, thank you for helping us!

Dear Karlskoga Hotell,

First of all, let me express my sincere joy knowing cleaning my hotel room is not causing you a problem, as it is part of what I pay for. At home I clean my room myself, also without any extra charge. Is this move a preamble to charging for cleaning your hotel rooms? If so, I do think you’re heading down the wrong path. I’m convinced a poll amongst your customers would yield that a clean hotel room is part of the deal.

And what is next? Cheaper rates if I chose a room that has not been cleaned? Charging for cleaning equipment when I opt for cleaning the room myself?

Second, I suggest you hire a professional translator or transcreator for your signs, or at least have someone who spent a vacation in South Hampton have a glance at it before it goes to print.

The joy of having the room automatically cleaned, as opposed to non-automatically, is hampered only by the fact that I now have to remember to alert you about cleaning my room every evening, at no extra charge.

Do let me know when the day comes when cleaning your rooms is a problem, and I’ll be happy to not cause you that.

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