Rowanberry Jam

2 pounds rowanberries (1½ – 1 ¾ quarts)

1 ¾ cups water

3 – 3 ¼ cups sugar

Clean and pick over the berries. If the berries have not been harvested after the first frost, freeze them for a day or so. The freezing eliminates some of the astringent taste.

In a pot bring water and sugar to boil. Add the berries and simmer uncovered for about 20 minutes, until the berries look clear. Shake the pot now and then.

Remove the pot from the heat and skim off the foam.

Fill warm jars with the jam and tighten the lid immediately. Invert for five minutes. Store in a dark and cool place.

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A slightly tart and fresh flavor, this jam will be the talk of the town! A tad on a buttered cracker, or as a relish. Try it with whipped cream on your pancakes!

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