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My entire life I have yearned to be able to buy a jar of Finnish honey, Hunajaa, from the excellent market Gamla Marknadshallen (the Old Market Hall) in Helsinki, capitol of Finland!

Not really, but when it happened it was a true delight. It was in connection with visiting Chinese-Finnish-American friends from Berkeley, CA, in their island right outside Helsinki.

The Finnish capital sits right by the edge of the Baltic Sea, and the Gamla Maknadshallen is on the South Key, about a stone’s throw from where the ferries to Sweden docks. It was completed in 1889. The architect, Gustaf Nyström, had according to ledgend been inspired by the market buildings on the continent of Europe, where it was trendy to move the markets indoors. Besides many delis and specialty shops, there are also restaurants where you can enjoy the wast variety of products.

The honey I bought during this visit is from the local company Mesila. They also deliver honey to Hotel Lilla Roberts, where I spent the night in great comfort!

Large and well-equipped hotel room in downtown Helsinki

“Now our bees are twitching below the warm snow cover in complete peace” is posted on the manufacurer’s web page, in translation from Finnish. Sounds a bit like national romanticism, right? Like one may feel with great honey in the pantry!

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“From the beehive they come from all our products in order to make the world a somewhat better place to live.”  Merja-Riitta Laurila, beekeper.

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