Burgers the Swedish way

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

Sweden is a small country that aims to be a big country. Most real Swedes have at least one pair of Levis’, some wear them all year round.

Instead of the American institution Taco Tuesday, Swedes have Taco Friday, and throw in chopped cucumber and radishes in the mix. There are coke and popcorn in the movie theatres, HBO and Netflix at home and the US made smartphone is gaining market shares over the Korean one. There are drive-in burger joints and Washingtonian coffee places.

Teenage girls wear T-shirts named after a NorCal town and basically Swedes may pretend they live in a US colony, sorta. But however American the Swede may feel, there is a sure way you can tell if you’re in a Swedish restaurant or one stateside: In restaurants, real restaurants, not fast-food places with golden arches like, hamburgers are eaten with a knife and a fork. The fries, too.

Photo by hermaion on Pexels.com

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Sharing my best loved honey based recipies, along with short stories collected during life in Northern California and Stockholm, Sweden. Well, stories from other joints as well, and not only my experiences. Some will appear in English and some in Swedish. Deal with it.

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