Awkward Second

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That uncomfortable, awkward, and embarrassing second of silence when someone with complete certainty exclaims that this is the way it is, period , in a voice called ”if you argue against, you’re an idiot”, and everybody around the table have at the tip of their tongues to say that well, it’s not actually confirmed, or straight out, we don’t think that is accurate, but it feels too embarrassing to point that out.

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But looks are exchanged and flicker like electrical signals – who will be brave enough to point out that the emperor has no clothes? Or better not say anything. And she choses to look down at her note pad to not reveal that she belongs to the group of doubters.

It only lasts for a breath, then somebody’s chair leg scrapes against the floor, and the room collectively exhales. Let it be. Let reality speak up, so we don’t have to cut him down a peg.

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